Foodtech Consulting

Foodtech Consulting provides expert consultancy work to  food and pet food manufacture to industry professionals, pet care retailers, students and pet-owners alike, leveraging a wealth of multi-functional experience within academic, manufacturing and commercial environments, and an extensive knowledge of nutrition and nutrition-related topics.
Let me here pinpoint fields of competence:
  • Establishing a pet food factory, from idea to production
  • Raw material and function related to process, nutrition and cost target
  • QA and HACCP and supplier audit
  • European Legislation related to petfood
  • Specifications for labelling and internal/external definitions
  • Palatability, deep understanding and a Holistic approach to it – it’s not just a bag of magic coating!
  • Experience in finding patents and science report related to a specific task – knowledge transfer
  • Toxicology related to cats and dogs
  • Best value for the money – a deep understanding on costing’s producing cat and dog food – wet and dry

Foodtech Consulting is led by the Foodtechnologist Ole Holmgaard Jensen, a highly experienced technologist with a proven track record for delivering innovative new product launches and commercial initiatives for leading global pet food manufacturers, and is supported by an extensive network of industry experts – nutritionists, engineers, food scientists, veterinarians, suppliers and retailers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me to learn more on how Foodtech Consulting can support You and your business!

e-mail:  or M. +45 2340 1338

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